POWER UP: Battery Management Programs

We've designed an innovative approach to manage our customers' motive power systems. Three POWER UP packages have been developed (Scheduled, Standard, and Comprehensive) and can be further customized to meet the various needs of our customers and their unique operations.

  • Scheduled Motive Power Management Program


    Scheduled Power Management provides foundational battery maintenance, watering, equalizing and insights into improved power utilization.

  • Standard Motive Power Management Program


    All the features of our Scheduled program, plus incidental costs including breakdown, parts, freight, bad cells and misuse to reduce downtime and related expenses.

  • Comprehensive Motive Power Management Program


    All the features of our Scheduled and Standard programs with an included battery and charger, plus automated data collection, hardware, reporting and ongoing consultation—all as a monthly service.

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 Forklift Battery Management from Carolina Handling

    Scheduled    Standard    Comprehensive  
Initial Consultation 
Breakdown / Repairs  🕓
Parts & Freight  🕓
Cells  🕓
Abuse / Misuse  🕓
Data Collection   
On-going Consultation   
Battery & Charger     

✔  Included

⚬  Optional

🕓  Time & Materials

Motive Power Service Programs from Carolina Handling

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