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    We offer the best in industrial lighting, with a host of products to fit a multitude of operations.

    Browse a wide selection of industrial lights from Carolina Handling, including fluorescent and LED, bay lights, strips, wall lights, jars, motion sensors, safety lights, and more.

    Below is just some of what we sell. For a full list of the brands and products we offer, contact one of our associates to discuss your specific needs and budget.

Industrial Lighting

Our industrial lighting products are built to the standards of the most demanding industrial facilities. Whether you need bay lighting, task lighting, or fixtures that are washdown-ready, we have the right lights for every operation.

  • High Intensity Fluorescent Bay Lighting

    High Intensity Fluorescents

    High intensity fluorescent fixtures are a proven technology that provide excellent light output and quality while using significantly less energy than legacy systems such as metal halides. The broad diversity of designs allow for effective use in a variety of applications and industries.

  • Diffused Strip Lighting for Warehouses

    Diffused Strips

    Diffused strips are surface mounted fixtures perfect for task lighting in manufacturing and auto applications, or illuminating mezzanines and other spaces. Narrow, rust-resistant, die-formed steel housing protects the light in locations prone to dampness. Pictured: SDL Series from Big Ass Solutions

  • Vaporproof Strip Light from Big Ass Solutions

    Vapor Tight Strips

    Ideal for locations with unpredictable conditions, vaporproof strips feature a seamless housing for protection from external irritants, like dust and moisture. Dependable indoor and outdoor, these lights withstand corrosion, ice formation and directed water. Pictured: VSL4 Series from BAS

  • Bay Lighting for Warehouses | Big Ass Light

    LED Bay Lights

    Bay lighting delivers bright, uniform light for manufacturing, distribution, etc. LED technology provides the ultimate in energy savings and longevity. LED benefits your bottom line in another way, by significantly decreasing maintenance costs. Pictured: XLHB2 Series from Big Ass Solutions

  • Vaporproof Bay Lighting for Warehouses

    Vapor Tight Bay Lights

    Constructed from seamless, fully sealed fiberglass, vaporproof bay lights are engineered to provide premium performance in chaotic conditions. Perfect for food production and messy facilities that require strong, reliable illumination. Pictured: VHL2 Series from Big Ass Solutions

  • Washdown Lights for Food Processing

    Washdown Lights

    The Big Ass Light Washdown LED is wet-rated to IP-66, so it’s ideal for dirty environments where a hose-down is a routine part of life. It’s bright enough to perk up the darkest spaces, and a wide range of mounting options means you don’t have to worry about your lights being off-kilter.

  • Retrofit Lighting Kits for Warehousing from Carolina Handling

    Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

    We offer kits designed to quickly and easily retrofit most existing recessed, suspended, or surface mount troffers from various manufacturers. Many lumen packages are available to choose from. Pictured: Dailite™ Fluorescent Backlit Retrofit Kit from Envirobrite

  • LED Troffer Conversion Kits offered by Carolina Handling

    LED Conversion Kits

    LED troffer conversion kits are an excellent alternative to standard retrofit designs and are ideally suited for prismatic lensed and recessed grid, suspended or surface mount troffers in a variety of facilities. Pictured: RiteFIT™ LED Troffer Conversion Kit from Envirobrite

  • Wireless Lighting Controls from Carolina Handling

    Wireless Controls

    Efficiency is the best way to improve your bottom line. Having the most efficient fixtures is an important step, but is not the final answer. Adding controls such as occupancy sensors, photo eyes, and dimming capabilities is a low cost approach to exponentially greater savings.

  • LED Wall Lighting for Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

    LED Wall Lights

    LED wall lights are an efficient, energy saving solution for replacing metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures. They are an ideal lighting option for building entrances, vehicle ramps, tunnels, stairways, loading docks, and more. Pictured: Ecoterior™ Full Cutoff Wall Pack from Envirobrite

  • Apollo Solar Light Pipe for Warehouse Facilities

    Solar Light Pipes

    Solar light pipes, like the Apollo® from Southpoint Solutions, utilize the lowest cost light available—sunshine. They can reduce energy costs for significant portions of the day. Daylight is harvested through the dome and travels through the sealed pipe, providing focused light.

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